What people have said about Massage and Reflexology with Harriet from Zelberry...

As long as I can remember I have been a really bad sleeper. I find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep. I thought it was something I had to get used to. A few months ago everything came to a head when I was experiencing significant jaw pain, no sleep and high stress. I was apprehensive about seeing Harriet because I don’t like massage or people going near my feet but as soon as I walked into her room I felt at ease. She made me feel comfortable and after two sessions I felt relief from my jaw pain and I was starting to sleep better. A few more sessions after that and I could feel my stress levels starting to come down and I was sleeping better again. Even though my last session was a few weeks ago, I’m sleeping like a log every night. I feel like a new person. I recommend if anyone is having trouble sleeping or suffers from stress, give reflexology a go. Harriet is both knowledgeable and experienced. I appreciate everything she has done for me. Thank you Harriet. NB
During a reflexology session, I almost instantly feel more relaxed and calm as soon as Harriet starts applying pressure to my feet. The areas on my feet which feel the most tender always correspond with the parts of my body which cause me the most grief – my right shoulder and digestive system. Through strategic pressure Harriet is able to alleviate both the tenderness in my feet and the pain in the other parts of my body. After treatment I feel lighter, more energized and in a lot less pain. It has become a part of my weekly routine for which I and grateful. BP
I started reflexology massage sessions with Harriet as a less invasive option to a full body massage, for my daughter with disabilities. Harriet's sessions feel like heaven. I was surprised that massage to pressure points on my feet and toes can cause an instant reduction of tension and relaxation of the muscles in my back and neck. My reflexology sessions calm my breathing and reduce my anxiety. RH
Thank you Harriet! KD
I went to see Harriet after my chiropractor moved from my local suburb....what a great decision! I work long hours behind a desk, and often get neck/shoulder pain as well as pins and needles. After my first session with Harriet treating me with both reflexology and massage, I felt immediate relief, and I am now on a maintenance program keeping it all under control. BG
OMG i am in love have been in so much pain from 26wks to 32 wks siatica, back pain shoulder tension and nothing was working till now messaged and a few hours later i was getting massaged and came out so relaxed and was able to walk without pain im so great full for finding this wonderful lady thank you again for your wonderful work MM
Harriet and her magic hands is the first thing that comes to mind when i think of how she helped me! After injuring my foot at the gym I turned to Harriet for some relief and it was noted that I was suffering from Plantar Fascia it was incredibly painful and it meant that I was unable to do many things at the gym that I used to be able to do. I started seeing Harriet fortnightly and after 3 months of intense remedial massage everything started to feel so much better and I can not speak highly enough of what Harriet can do and how she helped me! LK
Magic fingers.... Harriet is able to find those spots that are sore when you didn't know they were sore. I feel fantastic after a massage and reflexology. I highly recommend her. YM
Thank you Harriet - you always make me feel so much better!! I especially appreciate the time you take to get to the cause instead of only treating my initial concerns. AS
I can honestly say that Harriet is the best I have ever seen in this line of work .. so know this particular page is women's health but as a footballer of 30 years I can say hands down she is amazing at what she does .. watching her with her passion of this fine art has been a privilege.. I have never heard a single bad comment .. I wish you all the very best with this and you have my full support. SY
I have seen Harriet for a few reflexology appointments and first thing that comes to mind is AMAZING. I just totally loved everything about it. I'm not a very good sleeper as it is and it improve dramatically after the first treatment. I had a bad left knee for a week or so and the pain just totally disappeared all together. MT
Harriet has a very warm and caring disposition and is very professional. She obviously has a passion for reflexology and its practice and benefits. PM
There was some additional unexpected benefits being that I felt the quality of my sleep improved and also my stress levels felt reduced (we had identified this was an issue prior to commencing sessions) GT
Harriet is friendly, kind and a compassionate listener. Her technique reflects her experience and knowledge, and is relaxing and restoring, yet deep enough to make a difference to all those areas that need attention. PN
I consider Harriet a natural healer who works the muscles as well understands the spiritual release involved, this creates a blissful connection of mind and body at a pace both can handle. I highly recommend an experience of healing with Harriet. RC
I sought out Harriet based on recommendation. I suffer with anxiety and insomnia. Once a fortnight I give myself time to relax deeply in Harriet's hands. This makes all the difference when dealing with everyday life. I don't think I would manage without this. TR
I just wanted to say ‘Thank you so much’ for fitting me in. I had never been for a pregnancy massage before and to be honest was worried as my body had changed so much in the last few months but you have a knack for making people feel very comfortable and I was able to immediately relax. LG
I honestly had no idea how uncomfortable I actually was until you started working on me.  Managing to somehow magically sort out the night leg cramps I had been suffering from was a dream, it was lovely to finally be able to sleep decently. LG
After moving away from the local area, I continued to travel to see Harriet every 4 – 8 weeks as I found her massage to be extremely beneficial and was most happy to travel the extra distance. Harriet is extremely receptive to any areas of concern I have at every visit and is most happy to work on problem areas if and when they arose. After falling pregnant (second pregnancy) I was extremely keen to continue with regular massages with Harriet, in particular after knowing this is her area of expertise. I strongly feel the regular (4 – 6 week) massages I had through my pregnancy, assisted with a seamless and pain free pregnancy. EZ
Since my first massage with Harriet over two years ago, I have and will always recommend her services to anyone who is requires relaxation, remedial and/or pregnancy massage knowing how well Harriet has looked after me over the years. SL
10/5!! Harriet is amazingly intune with what my body needs. Our family (husband and kids) see her regularly to ensure our health remains the best possible. Could not recommend more highly. MP
I have had so much trouble with my shoulder that nothing has given me relief.. Even the surgeons tell me they cannot operate .. But I have the comfort in knowing if I really need a couple of days pain free Hariet is the one that can do that for me .. It's a comfortable environment and she is amazing at what she does a true credit to her passion for her field ... Highly recommended. SY
Harriet is very gifted in her healing. I highly recommend going to Harriet. She is professional as well as very caring! MD
Harriet is a highly skilled professional with an obvious passion for her practice. I have had the pleasure of reflexology sessions with her and her sessions are tailored to your individual needs. Highly recommend this wonderful therapist. PM
I have chronic muscle and joint pain and Harriet knows where to target for her remedial massage and reflexology. I can highly recommend her for a quality massage at a great price. BL
Harriet is absolutely amazing and has put up with me each fortnight walking into her treatment room with pretty much a different problem each fortnight! I can honestly say I feel a thousand times better than I did before I started seeing her. I really look forward to my massage each fortnight. Thank you Harriet! LK
My sessions with Harriet have been so wonderfully therapeutic and beneficial to my body, mind and I’m very sure that of my baby’s as well. Harriet’s technique shows confidence and knowledge and she has a remarkable way of finding aches and pains that I was not so aware my pregnant body was experiencing. LW
Pregnancy massage with Harriet has been such an asset during my pregnancy and I could not imagine pregnancy without her assistance. Sessions have been key to alleviating most of my aches and pains commonly associated with pregnancy that can cause ongoing distress but luckily meetings with Harriet have meant they have been minimal. AK
I have been seeing Harriet Gibson for about 3 months now having reflexology and massage done. I have an under active thyroid and I also suffer from Heart Palpations. I was going through a divorce and am a single mum of two kids. My eldest has cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. I am constantly under alot of stress. Since seeing Harriet I have had less stress and my weight has seemed to have stop increasing. I haven't felt so good in a long time. I highly recommend this to anybody who is suffering from and medical conditions or just wants some relaxation. KD
I can't recommend Harriet enough. She knows all the right places to relive, even when I am not even aware of them myself! Her knowledge is amazing and she answers all my questions before, during and after treatment. BL
Harriet is hands down the BEST therapist I've ever been to. On my first visit (some time ago), Harriet did a few "pokes and prods" of my body and knew exactly what was wrong & treated my issues. I've just been back again tonight and again, "poked and prodded" then a few different courses of treatment and I'm already feeling relief.
Harriet is gentle (unless of course you have pesky knots!!), kind, caring & extremely knowledgeable in her fields of treatments. I loved Harriet so much the visit that I raved to my husband and he too has Harriet treat his issues (and says she's the best "therapist" he's ever had too).