Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy Remedial Massage

Is massage safe during pregnancy?

As an experienced and highly qualified pregnancy massage therapist I am able to safely provide massage to you from the day you conceive to the day you give birth.

Can I have a massage during my first trimester?

The first trimester of pregnancy is the time when a pregnancy is most vulnerable to miscarriage which is why the majority of massage therapists will not massage a pregnant client in their first trimester. Through studying the diploma in pregnancy massage I now have the knowledge and confidence to provide massage to my clients in their first trimester. The combination of massage and reflexology during your first trimester will give you a strong start to your pregnancy.

Is deep tissue massage safe during pregnancy?

Deep tissue massage is where I use techniques that are deeper than general strokes across groups of muscles. While pregnant your muscles will become more supple and responsive to touch due the hormone relaxin. This means that less pressure and depth is required to achieve the same outcome as I would when you are not pregnant. With the ability to pin point a few relevant points along with other active techniques I can ease a lot of the aches and pains that occur during pregnancy. I also have the added advantage of having special reflexology techniques that work very well in combination with massage. In summary it is safe though techniques do not to be as deep meaning that you will experience a very relaxing massage while I ease your aches and pains.

When can I start having pregnancy massage?

As a result of the training I have had I am able to massage you at any stage in your pregnancy. Starting with massage early in your pregnancy and maintaining regular appointments will make for a much more comfortable pregnancy for you. If you are further in your pregnancy and you are experiencing pain or discomfort now would be the time to make an appointment. Sometimes I get heavily booked so don’t delay making an appointment. If you need an appointment urgently please let me know so that I can do what I can to make an appointment available as soon as possible. Your comfort is my priority.

Can I have massage during labour?

Massage during labour is a beautiful thing and should be considered. I offer sessions to educate your birth partner in some techniques that will help you through your labour. These sessions are valuable and previous clients have been very pleased to have made this possible.

How soon after birth can I have massage?

Postnatal massage can be done within 24 hours and is ideally done by day 7 after birth. This is a time when the bond between mother and baby is formed. A massage can help with the aches that occurred as a result of labour and birth. A combination of massage and reflexology can be very powerful in establishing a strong start to breastfeeding.

With clearance you can have a massage between 5 days and 2 weeks post caesarean. This is beneficial when managing lifting and nursing your baby around taking good care of your healing.