Preparation for pregnancy can begin several months prior to conception. If both partners adopt a preconceptual healthcare programme including fertility reflexology for at least 3-4 months prior to conception, it is possible to have an impact on the health of both the egg and sperm and reproductive outcomes.

Treatment plan:

Month 1 & 2:
Weekly 30min sessions for 2mths (8 x 30min sessions)

Month 3:
30min session pre ovulation
30min session post ovulation

Fertility Concerns

For effective conception a number of factors need to line up. For the woman her hormones work together to create a healthy egg and have it released from the ovary at the right time. For the man his sperm must be healthy and strong to get to the egg and fertilise it. Once fertilised, the egg is relying on the uterus to provide a healthy environment in which it can survive. All of these steps in the process require hormones that are all balanced at the right levels. If one hormone is out of balance it will put the whole system out. There are a number of environmental factors that can upset hormonal balance in both the man and the woman.

There can be many different causes of hormonal imbalance such as age, diet and lifestyle but one of the main factors that will upset hormone balance is stress. If you are reading this it is possible that you have had the stress of trying to conceive for some time now. It is very hard to find a space to relax during this time. This is where reflexology comes into its own.

Reflexology is easily one of the most relaxing experiences one can have. And this is the ultimate side effect of a powerful hormone balancing modality. Through more than 7000 nerve endings on the feet and hands, by stimulating these points, we can link up to all the organs, glands and tissues in the body encouraging the opening and clearing of neural pathways to allow natural healing. I aim to create a healthy environment for your baby to grow.

Working with you to balance the systems of your body and cycles within it for example, your blood sugar levels and circadian rhythm. This in turn helps keep the rest of the body’s hormones maintained at the right level together with helping the body to expel environmental toxins that surround us such as herbicides, pesticides and additives in processed foods.

Depending on how long your hormones have been out of balance it will vary as to how long it will take to return to balance and become pregnant. These treatments are not a one size fits all so the best approach would be to book a 90 minute appointment with me and we can discuss what the best approach would be for your circumstances.