Labour & Birth

For the past nine months your body has done a spectacular job of growing a baby. It has made some remarkable adjustments to allow for the change in weight and the marathon last effort to give birth. It is only fair to give your body what it needs to recover. This may seem impossible as you now have a baby to care for but your body will thank you for years to come.

You can receive massage within 24 hours after giving birth. For the best outcome massage and or reflexology should be undertaken within the first postnatal week. This will aid your body settle and ease any muscle tension you gained during labour. With this you will be able to comfortably bond with you baby and breastfeed. Your baby and breastfeeding are both welcome in my clinic. With a little extra time in this appointment I can teach you some simple massage and reflexology techniques for your baby.

While massage and reflexology are fantastic for addressing the physical discomfort that comes in the postpartum period and the months ahead there are other benefits. Often your hormones need some assistance to return to balance. Hormone balancing via reflexology is very beneficial when you are sleep deprived, breastfeeding and trying to eat and drink enough of the right food to nourish you and your little one and thus making lactation and emotional upsets much more manageable.

After a caesarean delivery, clearance is required from your primary health carer. Massage and especially reflexology is very helpful from 5 days postpartum for healing of the abdominal area and assist you to manage the lifting and breastfeeding challenges.

If you have had 6 x 1hour appointments or more during your pregnancy you are entitled to a complementary postnatal session.

*** If at any point you are concerned about an aspect of your health or your babies health it is important to contact your primary health carer i.e. Obstetrician, Midwife, GP