Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology has evolved from many years of study by reflexologists in the UK, and the current pool of knowledge is constantly being added to, updated and is growing exponentially as its popularity increases. Used across the globe for thousands of years by many different cultures, reflexology is known for giving the body what it needs to heal itself. Using the reflex points of the feet it is possible to stimulate parts of the body to encourage the natural equilibrium that the body adheres to.

When our body is in a balanced state we are calmer and happier in ourselves and all the systems in our body (e.g. immune, lymphatic and circulatory systems) will work optimally. When our body is working so effectively becoming pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy is much more likely.

An example of our body being out of balance is one that we are all familiar with - stress. The stress cycle may start as a result of an emotional event or build up with stress from a particular area of our life.

When we learn to have this stress level as a constant in our lives the hormonal system that manages how we deal with this is constantly under pressure to produce adrenaline and cortisol. Eventually this system will begin to fatigue and other systems are called upon to compensate.

Fatigue starts to take hold as your body tries to tell you to slow down. However once in this heightened state it is very hard to calm the body down. Even at bed time we struggle to sleep and our decisions around diet and lifestyle are not always sensible.

Reflexology offers the chance to get to the point of complete relaxation and with regular sessions you will feel your body start to settle. Using the reflex points for specific parts of the body it is then possible to bring your hormones back into balance and rejuvenate areas that have been over worked.

These techniques are not only important, they are essential for your overall health and wellbeing during the preparation for becoming pregnant and during your pregnancy.

*** If at any point you are concerned about an aspect of your health or your babies health it is important to contact your primary health carer i.e. Obstetrician, Midwife, GP

Read the maternity Reflexology FAQs

Research Findings:

Shorter Labour: The effects of reflexology on labour outcome. In: Association of Reflexologists. Reflexology Research Reports (2nd ed). Association of Reflexologists, London. Results of the study: The effects of reflexology on labor outcomes were perceived as outstanding. Some had labor times of only 2 hours, some 3 hours. Motha G. & McGarth J. 1994.

Improved Breastfeeding: Women who have recently given birth lactate earlier and more satisfactorily when given foot reflexology work. Siu-lan, Li, 1996 Beijing International Reflexology Conference (Report), China Preventive Medical Association and the Chinese Society of Reflexology, Beijing, 1996 p. 14 Results of study.

Reduced Fatigue: According to the results of this study It is suggested that sole reflexology might have beneficial effects on reducing fatigue in pregnant women, and can be recommended as a nursing intervention program for this persons. Pourghaznein T ,Ghafari F. TUMS Publications: Tehran University of Medical Sciences Publications, 2006;12(4):5-12:Persian.

Reduced Swelling in the Feet: From the women's viewpoint, lymphatic reflexology was the preferred therapy with significant increase in symptom relief. Single-blind trial addressing the differential effects of two reflexology techniques versus rest, on ankle and foot oedema in late pregnancy. Mollart L. Complement Ther Nurs Midwifery. 2003 Nov;9(4):203-8.