Labour & Birth

Labour Preparation

During the third trimester of pregnancy your body is continuing to adjust to the change in body weight. While your mind goes into ‘nesting mode’ and tells you to clean every surface in the house, your body is further adjusting to allow your baby to enter the world. As you approach your due date you may feel the urge to have your baby as soon as possible. This could be due to a time restriction or because you are becoming particularly uncomfortable. It is important to know that your baby is still growing and developing all it needs to be healthy and strong. Your body will not go into labour until your baby is ready.

While massage and reflexology are not used to induce labour, this is something done at hospital, techniques are used to reduce the discomfort and give your body the best chance at having a healthy and efficient labour and birth when baby is ready. Regular massage throughout your pregnancy and weekly appointments from 36 weeks has been shown to greatly improve outcomes at birth. From your due date techniques can be used to prepare your body for labour that may stimulate you to go into labour.

Massage for the discomfort of pregnancy in the third trimester:

3 weekly 1 hour sessions

Labour preparation from due date:

45min massage & 45 min reflexology

*** If at any point you are concerned about an aspect of your health or your babies health it is important to contact your primary health carer i.e. Obstetrician, Midwife, GP

Partner training:

Modern day examples and stories shared of what it is like to give birth do not give women much confidence that it is possible to cope with the pain of labour. With support and knowledge it is definitely possible. From my own experience and a number of specialist education programs I have put together a training package for you and your birth partner. This program will give you and your partner an understanding of how labour works and what you can do together to have a calm and efficient labour and birth. This will give you the best start as a family.

What Partner training offers to you:

  • Up to date knowledge of how your body gives birth
  • Massage techniques for labour and birth
  • Relaxation techniques for labour and birth
  • Giving you and your partner confidence
  • Natural pain relief
  • Reduce the length of labour

The package is made up of three sessions run in your own home, starting from about 20 weeks. These sessions allow us to explore what you need as a couple as you prepare. If you are further along than 25 weeks please contact me and we can discuss a plan that works for your circumstances.